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An important part of IBDrelief is about bringing together the experiences of people who are living with IBD so others can learn from them.

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Sylvia Tam - Beviva Foods Sylvia started Beviva Foods in 2017 after finding it difficult to find food she could eat while travelling. She lives with ulcerative colitis.
Tom Oswald - Clickasnap Tom was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in August 2019. He had already set up photo sharing site Clickasnap and is now learning to juggle the stresses of running your own business with having IBD.
Lee Stanley - Sharp Futures Lee and his wife set up Sharp Futures, a social enterprise that helps young people from a diverse background into the creative, tech and digital sector. He lives with Crohn's disease.
Nicola Dames - Vanilla Blush Nicola launched Vanilla Blush in 2008 after having a stoma formed in 2006 due to her ulcerative colitis. Vanilla Blush makes underwear inclusive of ostomies.
Amanda - Head & Hands Amanda owns Head & Heads in London, a store focused around self care and slow living. She also hosts workshops and has recently launched a workshop hire space for art and wellbeing in central London. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease aged 15.
Jordan Clark - Benefit Martial Arts & Fitness Jordan set up his own martial arts school in 2019 after deciding he wanted a change of career from being an electrician. He was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in May 2009.
Beth Coldrick - BAO Skincare Beth is the founder of Bao Skincare, a natural skincare range. She lives with ulcerative colitis and was inspired to start her own skincare range after making her own beauty products for many years.

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