Living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects different people in hugely different ways. For some having IBD means they can continue largely as they did before, for others it means they need to make big adjustments to balance their IBD and lifestyle.

Getting this balance right may take some time, effort and experimentation. You may also find that as you go through periods of flare and remission what you are able to do changes. It’s important to listen to your body and adapt your activities to how you are feeling.

Many people with IBD still manage to:

  • Work
  • Socialise
  • Study
  • Eat a varied diet
  • Enjoy family life
  • Travel
  • Be intimate with their partner
  • Exercise

You may find that you are able to do this without much effort, or that you have to work hard, and make many adaptations to your life changes, so you are able to enjoy these activities.

At IBDrelief we want to support people living with IBD to help improve their quality of life. Over the coming months we will be building up this section with practical advice, real-life stories and links to helpful tools.

While we continue to work on pulling together all this content here are a few articles to help you get started:

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