High protein breakfast pancakes

A delicious way to start the day, or perfect for an afternoon snack!


1 medium Chicken Egg
1 Bananas Mashed
1tsp Honey


Pancakes are one of the most versatile dishes in the world!

For this recipe I have kept it simple and used a vanilla whey protein powder & bananas

You can substitute the honey for a sweetener if your prefer and for a grain free recipe simply remove the muesli or add nuts and seeds


Mix 1 banana with 1 egg until smooth.

Slowly add the protein powder smoothing out any lumps as they appear

To recreate this stack use a mini frying pan or put 2-3 dollops in a larger pan for quicker results.

Layered each pancake with chopped banana, a drizzle of honey and scatter the top with muesli.

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