Tara Hajek

Sydney, Australia


2019 diagnosed with Crohn's disease

About Tara

My name is Tara, and I'm a Crohn's warrior! For as long as I can remember, I've lived with gut issues, from constipation, to gas, bloating and abdominal pain. For most of my life I didn't actually realise that what I was experiencing wasn't normal. It was only around the end of high school that I knew something was actually wrong. It was then another seven years before I'd finally get some clarity through my IBD diagnosis.

Through my journey I've made many changes to help mitigate my symptoms, the key ones being adopting a wholefood plant-based diet and working to minimise stress in my life. While this journey has had its challenges, something that's helped me mentally is sharing my story via my Instagram channel @Tara.Tackles.IBD. I've found that sharing what I'm doing and what I'm eating each day helps keep me accountable, while at the same time (hopefully) guiding people through their own similar journey.

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