Sahara Fleetwood-Beresford

Chesterfield, UK


  • Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2007
  • Total colectomy / temporary loop ileostomy - 2007
  • Clean out (due to sepsis) 2007

  • Ileo-anal pouch creation / temporary loop ileostomy - 2008

  • Ileostomy takedown ‐ 2009
  • Resection, pouch revision / temporary loop ileostomy - 2014
  • Ileostomy takedown ‐ 2014
  • Jpouch excision ‐ permanent end ileostomy ‐ 2018

About Sahara

My diagnosis of ulcerative colitis (UC) was super quick! My disease progressed rapidly, so after two weeks of symptoms getting worse at home, I went to A&E. I was diagnosed that day, following a colonoscopy, and admitted for IV hydrocortisone. I had emergency surgery to remove my colon less than a week later.

So, there I was, faced with the stoma, that I had never even heard of seven days earlier, thanks to a disease that I hadn’t heard of seven day earlier either. I was only 19, so my confidence took a massive hit. What followed was several procedures between 2007 an 2018. 

The opportunities that have come my way because I have IBD have meant I have ended up where I am today, and I am happy here!  IBD gave me a purpose, and opportunity to help other people, and for that, I will always be grateful.

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