Nikki Matthews

New Forest, UK


Crohn's disease

Abscess drainage


Resection surgery

Emergency stoma surgery

About Nikki

I am Nikki a 33-year-old, wife and mother of two from the New Forest, UK and I have Crohn's disease. My symptoms first started at 14-years-old. I had diarrhoea, blood loss, fatigue, sickness, horrific tummy pains and extreme weight loss. All whilst I was trying to study and take my GCSE’s. My mum took me back and forth to the doctors over and over again but they couldn’t get to the bottom of what was going on. I was told I had a dairy allergy, then asked if I could be pregnant, taking laxatives or making myself sick. I've had abscess drainage twice, setons put in, resection surgery and then emergency stoma surgery.

You can connect with me on Instagram @jonesvscrohns.

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