Gemma Morris

Brighton, UK


  • REPS level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Advanced Personal trainer
  • Nutritional Therapist

About Gemma

I am a personal trainer and nutritional therapist who has worked with the IBDrelief founders Seb and Emily to improve their nutrition and fitness.

I am passionate about both Nutrition and training and believe that with the right approach, anyone can make their lifestyles healthier and more active. My approach differs from person to person and everyone is treated as an individual. This is extremely  important with people who suffer from IBD, as there are still not definitive guidelines for exercise (1). My role is to help IBD sufferers feel comfortable with exercise and work with what they are able to do, without pushing above and beyond their capabilities. It is important exercise becomes a stress reducer and doesn't make symptoms worse and this will really differ dependant on past exercise history. 

Nutrition also plays a huge role in the management of symptoms. This is a really exciting area to focus on, as foods can really impact the way our digestive system functions. 

1: Narula & Fedorak (2008) Exercise and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Can J Gastroenterol, 22(5):497-504.

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