understanding IBD treatments

This video features young people talking about their IBD treatments. Health professionals explain the different types of treatments that are used - such as anti-inflammatories, steroids, biologics, surgery and the liquid diet. There is also an explanation of the types of tests used during treatment to monitor IBD.

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This video is for general information only. CICRA cannot offer medical advice, always speak to your IBD team.

.This film contains personal experiences and CICRA does not take responsibility for views expressed. Some parts may be upsetting for some viewers. CICRA is extremely grateful to all the young people and health professionals who contributed to this project.

Funding support for this video project has been provided by Amgen. At no point has Amgen had any influence or involvement in content development.

Thank you to IBDrelief for filming and editing this video.


CICRA is the UK charity for children and young people living with crohns and colitis, and their families. We provide support and fund research to achieve our vision of a childhood unlimited by inflammatory bowel disease.

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