Trio Ostomy Care Review of Elite Adhesive Remover

Please stay tuned for my other reviews of the Trio Ostomy Care line! I am still in the process of editing and uploading them, but when I get a chance, links will be attached here!

This is my review of Trio's Elite Adhesive Remover!

Check out Trio's line!

*Please note - my skin DOES look awful. Unfortunately, my skin is having some issues (which some of you have seen in previous videos). I have the same red spots on my cheeks, my fingers, and under my arms. ): Having my bag over the skin is irritating it more and causing it to become inflamed.


Hello friends! My name is Maggie Baldwin, and I have an ostomy! Ok, I don't normally introduce myself this way, but I am very open about my illness! I have been living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease for most of my life. This means that body does not recognize my intestines as their own, and tries to attack them. I spent the latter part of my childhood taking numerous medications, tube feedings, and surgeries to get my disease under control. An ostomy surgery when I was 16 finally gave me relief, but I had to adapt to my "new normal". On this channel, I will show you how I live my life with an ostomy, introducing you to my fiance and our many critters, showing you my life as a pediatric GI nurse, and my advocacy with both the IBD and ostomy communities. My hope is to help guide those suffering from chronic illness in their day-to-day struggles while also allowing them a few minutes to escape their illness.

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