Ostomy Ileo Night Pouch Review

Coloplast Ileo Night Pouch Review.

I use this pouch whenever I eat late, need a full nights sleep or unable to get out of bed. I usually get two nights out of each pouch. After I use the pouch once, I clean it with appliance cleaner and hang it up in my shower to dry then put it back on that night. The bag's opening is closed with a clip. The clip comes in the box. There are 5 pouches in each box.
If I happen to wake up in the middle of the night, I will check the bag and reposition myself then go back to sleep. No need in getting up and emptying it. I sleep on my back with the bag off to the side right next to me. Before I turn off the light to go to sleep I make sure the bag is laying flat.
Also, I would only use this pouch if you have an Ileostomy because the output is liquid.

Coloplast Ileo Night Pouch - http://www.coloplast.us/assura-2-piece-night-drainage-bag-en-us.aspx

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