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I talk about difficult-to-heal wounds and how I plan to use nutrition & supplements to help my surgical wound to heal!

Proctocolectomy wounds, particularly where the anus is closed up, can be tricky to heal. It takes many months to recover. Nutrition is key in all wound healing. Having Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) can make it difficult to gain all the nutrients needed in order to heal.

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Hello friends! My name is Maggie Baldwin, and I have an ostomy! Ok, I don't normally introduce myself this way, but I am very open about my illness! I have been living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease for most of my life. This means that body does not recognize my intestines as their own, and tries to attack them. I spent the latter part of my childhood taking numerous medications, tube feedings, and surgeries to get my disease under control. An ostomy surgery when I was 16 finally gave me relief, but I had to adapt to my "new normal". On this channel, I will show you how I live my life with an ostomy, introducing you to my fiance and our many critters, showing you my life as a pediatric GI nurse, and my advocacy with both the IBD and ostomy communities. My hope is to help guide those suffering from chronic illness in their day-to-day struggles while also allowing them a few minutes to escape their illness.

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