Breathwork for the gut video series with Dr Rabia

In this video series gastroenterologist Dr Rabia Lalani explains all about breathwork - from what it is and how it can affect our guts, to giving us the tools to do a short breathwork exercise.

Video 1: How and why do we breathe?

This video focuses on the science behind how and why we breathe and explores how breathing exercises can change the way we think, feel and behave, and the impact that has on our gut.


Video 2: What is breathwork?

In this video find out more about what breathwork is and explore the influence of breathing on our emotional and physical state. Breathing techniques can change the way we respond to stress and even how we feel pain.

Video 3: How can we influence our breathing?

In this video Dr Rabia explains how we can influence our breathing. She explains how we can consciously slow down and deepen our breathing even when feeling anxious.

Video 4: What does breathwork have to do with my gut?

In this video Dr Rabia asks 'what does breathwork have to do with my gut?'. She explores the connection between influencing our breathing and our digestive health. How slowing our rate of breathing and increasing the depth can have a positive impact on our gut.

Video 5: Slow breathing technique tutorial

In this video Dr Rabia takes us through the techniques of slow diaphragm breathing. It's time to slow it right down with some simple breathing techniques. If you're struggling with digestion or find yourself in stressful situations referring back to this technique is invaluable.

Video 6: Breathwork exercise

In this final video we think about our breathing in terms of information and opportunity - what is your breathing telling you about how you're doing today?

It's time to put what we've learnt with Dr Rabia over this series into practice. So find a quiet, comfy place and make time for yourself with this uninterrupted breathwork exercise.



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