IBD medication adherence: Findings from an IBDrelief survey

Around 500,000 people in the UK [REF] have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) with medication playing a key role its management. However, non-adherence to medication is common [REF], which can lead to adverse clinical outcomes for patients [REF] and be incredibly costly.

At IBDrelief we wanted to understand more about how patients feel about taking medications, what shared experiences they have and what some of the barriers to taking their medication are. So, we asked the IBDrelief survey to complete a survey on the topic, with 400 IBD patients filling it out.

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Key findings from the survey showed that:

We hope that these findings will be useful to help:

"When prescribed numerous different medications at the same time I have never been sure when and how to take it."


aren't taking their medication as they should be

haven't told their doctor they don't take their medication as prescribed


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