LOFFLEX diet and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

The LOFFLEX - or Low Fat/ Fibre Limited Exclusion diet (or LOFFLEX) - is a diet that has been specifically developed for people with Crohn’s disease as a way of reintroducing foods into your diet following a liquid diet. It works on the principle that high fat and fibre foods can trigger Crohn’s disease symptoms and these foods are avoided during the reintroduction stage along with some other foods which may affect symptoms.

It was developed by Professor John Hunter whilst he was working with Crohn’s patients at Addenbrooks Hospital.

Following the LOFFLEX diet

For at least two weeks after the liquid diet you must eat foods that are low in fat and fibre, as well as avoiding specific foods that some people with Crohn’s disease have identified as triggering their symptoms.

A list of foods that you can eat will be given to you before you start the diet.

You will be monitored during this stage by your dietician and when they feel you are ready you will start to reintroduce the excluded foods into your diet.

Unfortunately the foods that affect people with Crohn’s disease are not all the same - and there isn’t a simple test that can be taken - so it is recommended that you keep a food diary documenting everything you eat and drink and how you are feeling. This will help to identify if there are any foods that trigger your symptoms.


LOFFLEX diet and Crohn’s disease

The traditional reintroduction diet (introducing one new food a day) after a liquid diet can be time consuming so researchers have developed the LOFFLEX diet as a way of speeding up the reintroduction phase.

The idea is to build up an individual ‘safe’ diet of only foods that do not trigger Crohn’s symptoms.

More information about the diet is available on Professor John Hunter’s website.

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