Müeller Spiral-Pro Professional 4-Blade Spiralizer, Newest Superior Design, Only 4-Blade to Make Round Veg Pasta, not Flat Julienne Noodles


Why is the Müeller Spiral-Pro the Best Spiralizer on the Market? - It includes four blades that cut flat ribbons or spiral noodles in four widths, from angel hair (new) to thick spirals, plus a metal skewer to make accordion cuts or to reinforce hold on larger vegetables while slicing, and a tray for holding cut vegetables

Narrow corer helps retain more fruit or vegetable flesh, preserving nutrients and freshness

Compact, folding body is made of heavy-duty, professional-quality ABS plastic with reengineered, break-resistant parts and a guided rail that helps slicer blades slide smoothly into place

Patent pending, BPA-free, and adjustable for left- or right-handed users

Covered storage protects unused blades from dripping juices

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