JR Ultra 8000 S Multipurpose Whole Slow Juicer, Smoothies, Ice Cream (Premium Silver with Black Handle)


New Product Special Offer. www.juicyretreats.com for more information. From the makers of the JR 8000, which was one of the most popular juicers of 2014, comes the brand new updated whole slow juicer for 2015 the JR Ultra 8000 'S'. The large feed chute allows for the addition of many more foods in their whole form, reducing the need for chopping and making juicing and cleaning far easier.

The patented auger is much bigger than standard slow juicers and includes raise nodules to improve juicing of all ingredients including hard to juice leafy greens and celery.

The JR Ultra 8000 S is the slimmest and most feature packed whole slow juicer you can buy. With its sleek curves and stylish mirrored logo, this will look good in any kitchen.

Rotating at just 60rpm the JR 8000 S creates the most nutritious juice full of live enzymes and vitamins. The slow rotation and reduced need for chopping means that the JR 8000 S produces a juice far less likely to separate and with much less oxidation than other juicers.

With the incredible patented A.S.T.S (Advanced squeeze system) the JR Ultra 8000 S takes everything that was superb about the JR Ultra 8000 and wraps it up into a new slimmer and sleeker design.

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