Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD - including both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) is poorly understood by the general public. Even when people recognise the name of the disease, they rarely appreciate its severity and potential lifelong implications for patients and their families. This survey will evaluate the impact IBD has on people living with it and the results will be included in a report (‘White Paper’) which is currently in development. This report is being authored by Boston Consulting Group and funded by Takeda, a pharmaceutical company who are developing and researching medicines for the treatment of IBD.

The purpose of this report is to present evidence demonstrating the impact of the disease on patients with comparisons being made with both other chronic diseases and with patients living with IBD in other countries. The ambition of the authors is that by making comparisons between patients across different countries, they will be able to identify whether outcomes vary between countries and potentially highlight lessons which could be learned about the care and treatment of patients with IBD.

Takeda are therefore asking UK patients to complete this survey by following the link below.  All responses will be anonymous. By following the link you will see more details of the ways in which the confidentiality of any information you provide will be ensured.

306 people have taken the survey