Tipping the balance

How I took control of my health and put my inflammatory bowel disease into remission


In 2008 Seb was hours away from losing his colon due to an ulcerative colitis flare. He’d lost 10kg in 2 weeks and was going to the toilet every half an hour.

Fast forward 11 years and Seb is now living symptom and medication free and in clinical remission (and with his colon fully in tact).

Surviving IBD is a detailed look at the lifestyle changes Seb took to help him get, and stay, in remission.

The book includes Seb’s own inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) story, what he does to stay in remission and stop flares fast, his daily routines and a look at the research behind why focusing on the mind, sleep, diet, movement and his environment have helped.

What’s included

Chapter 1 Seb’s story

Seb’s first hand account of his journey with ulcerative colitis from first symptoms through to today. He shares the worries, milestones and turning points he encountered along the way.

Chapter 2 Seb’s balance theory

Detailed focus on the theory Seb has developed which he uses on a daily basis to keep his general health and inflammatory bowel disease in balance.

Chapter 3 Practical living

Putting the theory into practice. Seb explains what he does on a daily basis and why across five health elements of mind/stress, sleep, diet/nutrition, movement/exercise and environment to keep his health balanced. Includes referenced research and Seb’s daily routines.

Who is this eBook for?

IBD patients new and old who want to understand more about how lifestyle changes have impacted a fellow patient’s health

Healthcare professionals who want to understand more about their patients’ journeys

Parents and carers of IBD patients who want to learn more about living with IBD

People interested in finding out first-hand how simple lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on health

“I was certainly inspired by your story and wished I’d known these things back when I was diagnosed.”

Alex Charlton, ulcerative colitis patient

“This is a fascinating summary of all sorts of research that had been going on and is now confirming what we've been thinking for the last couple of decades.”

Dr Kevin Barrett

About Seb

Seb is a patient entrepreneur and health advocate.

He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC), a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), in April 2008. He has spent the past seven years researching and exploring changes in his lifestyle which helped him achieve better health and improved UC symptoms.

Seb is passionate about improving patients’ quality of life and access to information. In 2016 he launched IBDrelief, a website providing information to inflammatory bowel disease patients. Since its launch more than 1.3m users from around the world have accessed its free resources.

Alongside this Seb speaks internationally at health conferences and events, to both patients and clinicians, about improving care and outcomes for patients living with chronic disease. He sits as a patient representative on clinical research and advises pharmaceutical companies on campaigns to IBD patients. He also mentors senior executives at the pharma company Janssen UK and health professionals on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

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How long is the eBook?
190+ pages
Do you have a money back guarantee policy?
Yes. If you don’t enjoy the book we will be happy to refund your money within 30 days of purchase, no strings attached.
Will this book get me into remission?
This is not a self-help book and none of the information included should be interpreted as medical advice for you to follow. The book is simply the story of Seb’s own ulcerative colitis journey to get into remission. He is passionate about sharing his positive experience of living with IBD and has released this eBook to share that with others.
What do you do with the money made from the book?
All the money made from the book is put back into IBDrelief to create more free resources for patients living with inflammatory bowel disease.
I have another question
If you have another question about the eBook, or IBDrelief, then please contact info@ibdrelief.com

Money back guarantee

We are confident that you will enjoy this eBook, but if you don’t then we will be happy to refund the money you paid for it - just let us know within 30 days of purchase by emailing info@ibdrelief.com

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