Our story

We aim to improve the lives of people around the world affected by inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and forms of colitis, including ulcerative colitis and microscopic colitis.

IBDrelief was created in 2015 by husband and wife team Seb and Emily Tucknott with a website to provide more information about IBD to patients. When Seb was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2008 he found very little support or information to help him on his journey of learning to live with the disease. With his skills as a web developer and Emily’s content and communications background they decided to start their own information website to help fill this gap. The website has now received nearly 4 million pageviews from around the world. 

Since then IBDrelief has grown into a for-purpose digital health social enterprise creating agile, creative digital solutions that affect positive change for the inflammatory bowel disease community. Many members of our team either have IBD themselves or family members who do, meaning we really understand the effects IBD has on people's lives.

We involve patients in everything we do and work in partnership with NHS trusts, hospitals and other healthcare services, charities, organisations and pharmaceutical companies to tackle problems and issues faced by people with inflammatory bowel disease to improve their lives. 

As well as our partnership work we have our own projects which we are developing to further our vision of improving lives for people with IBD.

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