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Patients are at the heart of everything we do and we work with organisations, charities and pharmaceutical companies who are patient centric too. If that’s you, then we’d love to talk. We also help companies who would like to learn how to become more patient centric to do so at every level of their organisation.

Take a look at some of the bespoke services we can offer below or get in touch to discuss your ideas or project and how we can work together to help improve the lives of people with IBD.


Digital solutions

We create agile, creative digital solutions for IBD patients including apps, websites and online tools.

Patient education and support materials

We work with expert healthcare professionals and patients to produce patient education and support materials in a range of different mediums that provide patients with accurate, useful information.

Content creation

We create content in conjunction with patients that informs, educates and resonates with the IBD community. Whether you need long form, short form, imagery, video or something else, we can provide content that hits the spot every time.

Interested in working with us? Take a look at some of our previous work.


Patient engagement

Do you need to find out what IBD patients think about something or engage with the community in some way? We can get input and feedback from our community of thousands of IBD patients for a huge range of projects and needs.

Patient recruitment for studies and trials

Whether you are looking to recruit participants for a clinical trial, find patients to complete a survey or co-design a study with the community we can help connect you with the right people.

Campaigns and PR

Need some help with devising a campaign for the IBD community or already have a campaign ready which you need help with to reach your target audience? We understand the community and can help make sure your campaign resonates and reaches your target audience. For bigger campaigns we work in conjunction with an experienced health PR agency.


Market research and insights

With access to IBD patients from around the world we can help develop and carry out market research or gain insights into the community through a wide range of methods.

Keynote speaking and mentoring

We can provide experienced keynote speakers on a variety of IBD and health topics for various events, as well as mentors who can help organisations become more patient centric.

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