Videos for young people with IBD

Client: CICRA

Services: Content creation, patient education and support materials

The challenge

CICRA wanted to produce a series of videos aimed at young people with IBD to help them understand the condition better and what it’s like to live with it. They had done some scoping work around what kind of content they wanted the videos to cover, but were looking for a partner to deliver the videos for them (funded by a pharmaceutical company).

How we helped

We produced over 50 short videos for CICRA on a range of different topics. We travelled around the UK filming with clinical experts and young people with IBD to ensure we captured a range of different perspectives first hand from people who know what it’s like to live with and treat IBD. We used an IBD patient to interview the subjects to ensure the questions were relevant and pertinent and to help place the young people at ease while talking about some sensitive topics.

Project length

The project took approximately 3 months to deliver, completing in December 2019.


The videos are unique and engaging and really help to capture the many issues and aspects young people face while living with IBD.

View some examples of the videos

It was really great to work with IBDrelief on our videos. We knew young people were much more likely to watch videos than read a booklet but we needed someone to manage the logistics and filming in a sensitive and engaging way, to get the best from the young people who wanted to tell their stories. The result has been very popular amongst the families we help, and has given us a wide range of films we can steer families towards, we think probably the biggest collection of IBD videos for young people currently available.

Nick Posford, CICRA CEO

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