IBDrelief website

Services: Digital solutions, content creation, patient education and support materials

Project length: 3 months

The challenge

We wanted to create an easy to use information website, with accessible information, for people with IBD to help them live better with their condition

What we did

Having all the skills in-house to design and build a website, as well as develop all the content meant that we were able to quickly create a website. We researched what information was currently available and what people were searching for online and used this to focus on content that was important to our target users. By making sure we were filling gaps in information we quickly established ourselves on the first pages of search engines for many search terms. We are constantly adding content to the website and making improvements to make sure it remains relevant and useful to IBD patients around the world.


The website was launched in February 2016 and since then has received over 3.5m pageviews by more than 1.8m people in 209 countries.

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