App for children with IBD

Partner: Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK

Services: Digital solutions, patient engagement, patient education and support materials, content creation

Project length: Ongoing

The challenge

Having IBD as a child or young person can be incredibly scary and often information about the condition and their treatment is delivered in an un-engaging way (through printed leaflets in adult language) or to the parents, not the child. This can leave the young patient with a limited understanding of the disease and a disinterest in what is happening to them. At IBDrelief we believe that patients that are better educated about their condition are more engaged in their treatment which can lead to better health outcomes in the long term. We wanted to come up with a solution which can help young people become confident patients to get them ready for their transition into adult services.

How we helped

We have teamed up with the IBD paediatric team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to build an education and information app for children and young people with IBD. We are working with a team of young patients to develop the app and its contents, alongside the hospital team.

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