IBDmate: A digital health education intervention

Putting health education in the hands of the patient to improve their life with inflammatory bowel disease

IBDmate is a value-based digital health education intervention for people with IBD.

It changes the way patients receive disease-specific health education, providing personalised pathways customised to their individual needs.

Created by IBDrelief, a social purpose company, expert-verified IBDmate is leading the way as a solution to the existing limitations in health education.

Created by patients, for patients it is putting quality disease health information directly into the hands of those who really need it and freeing up the time of capacity constrained healthcare professionals.

How it works

IBDmate aims to improve the health literacy and quality of life for all IBD patients by providing accessible information at the right time for every patient.

Under the current system disease information is currently delivered via printed information leaflets and a brief conversation with a healthcare professional. This means the information provided can be inconsistent, often leaving a patient with more questions than answers.

IBDmate is changing this.

Through our digital intervention healthcare professionals can 'prescribe' health specific educational courses to their patients via an online dashboard. A huge range of topics are covered in hundreds of videos and articles, all expert-verified and created in conjunction with IBD professionals and patients.

As well as being prescribed relevant information by their doctor IBDmate users can also browse the IBD education catalogue to find content that interests them, or they can opt to let the IBDmate algorithm suggest topics based on their personal information.

Using IBDmate

IBDmate will soon be available to paediatric patients at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, with several other UK paediatric centres to follow shortly after.

It will also become available to all paediatric IBD patients and families around the world to independently use, even if their hospital is not signed up.

In 2021 IBDmate will also start to become available in adult healthcare settings.

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