How IBDrelief is financed

We are a registered limited company in the UK that works on a not-for-profit ethos and we are also a social enterprise - a company that looks to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances or the environment.

Any profits we make will be invested back into improving IBDrelief, given as donations to IBD charities and used to support research into IBD.

Where did the start-up costs come from?

In August 2015 we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign. Through it we raised £16,064 (this includes fees we had to pay afterwards) in cash from donors and £34,000 as donated goods, time or services from companies (you can see the details here).

In September 2015 our founder Seb received £5,000 from TalkTalk as prize money when he won an award. This money has been used to help fund the website build.

Seb, Emily and Seb’s company Brightsite have also donated a lot of extra time to get the website launched (which took place in February 2016).

How are you going to pay your running costs in the future?

We want to keep the main features and content of the website free for our users so we are often asked how we are going to make money to cover the running costs of the site. It’s something we have talked about at length and considered in depth.

We are currently trying to keep running costs to a minimum. We have a small office within the offices of Seb’s web design company (which is mostly paid for by the company). We currently donate our own time to the running and maintenance of the IBDrelief website and social media accounts. In the future we would like to be able to take a small wage to enable us to dedicate more time to IBDrelief.

At the moment we generate a small amount of revenue through Amazon's affiliate scheme. We receive a commission whenever anyone makes a purchase on Amazon via our shop or through this link.

We also make some money from display advertising around the website.

We are currently looking for sponsorship from large corporations for some sections of the site (such as the diet and exercise section). If you are a corporation interested in finding out more about any opportunities then please contact us.

There are also many longer term plans we hold to help generate revenue should IBDrelief grow and take on paid staff (but we don’t want to jinx things by revealing them now!).

We want to remain completely transparent about how IBDrelief is run and financed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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