Greg Williams

Essex, UK


About Greg

The typical medical model of dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease is generally focused on medication and surgery to help try and get your symptoms under control.  Whilst that is often necessary, I help my clients to long term health by getting to the root cause of their problems (it’s not just genetics) and show them how to build their health through diet and lifestyle changes, as well as incorporating some very advanced testing that help us look deeper inside someone’s body.

My wife suffered with ulcerative colitis for many years, and was given very strong medication which failed to control her symptoms and which severely depressed her immune system (leading to many other issues). By following my natural protocols she now lives completely symptom and medication free with more energy than she has ever had. Ever since I have helped a huge number of clients get to the same place and completely turn their lives around.

I am a qualified nutritionist, a certified functional diagnostic nutritionist, and have a large amount of training in functional medicine.  I solely specialise in naturally helping Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis sufferers to feel better than ever before.  More of my articles/tips can be found at my website